If you haven’t yet discovered “Dexter,” the remarkable TV series starring Michael C. Hall, you have been missing a real entertainment treat. The series recently completed its fourth season on Showtime, and the first three seasons are available on DVD, while you can catch the fourth season on Comcast’s Demand.


Dexter Morgan (Hall) is a blood-spatter expert for the Miami Police Department, and as a member of the homicide team, he helps to bring heinous murderers to justice. But because the judicial system is far from perfect, sometimes serial killers slip through the process and go free. This is where Dexter’s secret identity comes in because, you see, Dexter is a serial killer himself. But the difference between Dexter and others of his ilk is that Dexter takes out only other serial killers.

The show is a wonderful combination of drama, suspense, mystery, and humor filled numerous twists and unpredictable surprises. Although it is rather graphic in places, it is well worth your time. Be forewarned, however, that “Dexter” is completely addictive, and once you begin watching it, you will have a very difficult time doing anything else until you see the final episode. As the British would say, “This show is bloody terrific.”



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2 responses to “TINSELTOWN TIDBITS

  1. Sherry

    Have never seen Dexter, but your column makes me want to get the missed episodes on Netflix…

    • wwhan12

      It is an incredibly unique show, but it is quite gory in places. If you aren’t bothered by some of that, I think you would really like it. Everyone to whom I have recommended it, loves it.

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